potter / anne anne anne with the fabulous url. you are so sweet and nice :))). i like how we always talk about random things and you’re just basically fab because you’re dutch. stay awesome and have an amazing year. you are lovely! 

thisasian / omg amy i love you so much. YOU ARE SO SWEET AND I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU AND YOUR PERFECTNESS ALWAYS. i just— the things you make on photoshop are so amazing. how do you work with photoshop? teach me your ways. because you are flawless. i am pretty sure you are. you are so sweet and cute and so funny and have a wonderful year. ALSO B1EBS4FINNK <3.

kazandmatt / how do i explain dora? other than that she’s my favourite harry/hermione shipper. dora is so sweet and so amazing! she makes fabulous things on photoshop and deserves all the love. i love to talk to her and she is one of the most genuine people here. :) 

santasnaping / martina is an italian princes :)). she is so sweet and the gifs she makes on photoshop are just flawless and amazing and i wonder how she does it. she has this weird obsession with sloths and it just so funny. stay funny, okay martina. i love you!

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